How I finally got off my arse and started a blog

3 months ago | July 12, 2020 | 4 minute read

Many developers dream of writing a blog, but most never do. It’s much like how a lot of people dream of writing a novel.

But without knowing where to start, struggling to come up with good ideas, not having enough time, or just for fear of embarrassing themselves, most people don’t.

So what, or rather who, convinced me to push past all these good reasons not to write a blog, and finally get something off the ground after giving up a few times?

For this I have Troy Hunt to thank.

At the start of this year the name Troy Hunt didn’t mean a whole lot to me. I first stumbled across him (quite literally) when I shared an elevator with him on the first day of NDC London back in January.

Later on I attended the Everything is Cyber-broken talk he did alongside Scott Helme, and wasn’t at all surprised when the cool, confident guy I’d stood next to in the lift was just as cool and confident on stage.

So, when I was bookmarking interesting-looking NDC talks on YouTube the other day, I didn’t think twice about adding a talk by Troy called Hack Your Career. I figured it would be an enjoyable watch regardless of the content, simply because he’s such a great speaker.

As it happened, the content did grab me. You can watch the full talk here, but in Troy’s own words it’s all about:

…how to be happier and more productive as developers, how to do your job better, and how to make your company happier as well.

The idea is that by building an active online profile you inevitably force yourself to learn more and improve your skills. As a side effect you make yourself more marketable as a developer, and as a result you might “get some more choices in life” (i.e. get a better job).

Now, we’re probably all intuitively aware of this already, but hearing Troy speak about his experience going from a regular old developer to an incredibly successful, independent professional who speaks at events all over the world - that actually made me believe it.

By the time I’d finished watching the talk I was practically itching to go away and start a blog. So, if you’ve been searching for that jolt of inspiration to get you off your arse, I strongly recommend you give it a look.

Because it certainly made me inspired. Inspired to learn more, inspired to get better at what I do, inspired to give myself more choices in life - and, let’s be honest, inspired to aim for a jet-ski commute and an enormous house on the Gold Coast.

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